Employees, stay tuned. We’ll give you information to share with employers who want to mandate vaccines. If you are facing a mandate, get a lawyer immediately to uncover the law in your state. Try plaintiffs’ employment lawyers! There are also a few free resources available in some states.

As always, make sure you have copies of anything you’ve signed—handbook, evaluations, employment contract, etc.

If you are terminated, file for unemployment benefits.
If you take the shot and have a reaction, file a workers’ compensation claim and file a report with VAERs.
We’ll keep providing more information to help you.

quit or fired

Stop. Why Quit?

Are there rumors that your employer is going to mandate COVID-19 “vaccines?” Or, maybe you’ve received a notice already.  If you want the shot, then there’s no problem. If you’re not sure, seek medical advice from professionals who have done research on health conditions and COVID-19 and the vaccines. If you do not want the…

Employment Contract

Employment Contracts–Vaccination Clause?

Employment Contracts—Vaccination Clause? While most employees do not sign a written employment contract, there are millions of employees subject to written agreements. Employment contracts are not just for high-level executives. Sales and marketing employees, scientists, researchers, lawyers and information technology employees often negotiate contracts. For those of you who negotiate employment agreements, what’s the possibility…

good news

Survey just in: Employers and Mandates

Ogletree Deakins, in partnership with BTI Consulting Group, announced results of a survey of senior legal decision-makers throughout their large employer client base. Good news! Currently only 8% of their clients are leaning toward mandating vaccines. Check out a snapshot of all the study results, including corporate responses to continued work from home policies at…